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  • Beware of five star reviews

    By Alysin76
    They still give you points for a five star rating. Yes it’s annoying the amount you pay for a book on most of these apps.
  • If you want to read a book choose a different app

    By Mimikayb
    You get the first few chapters then have to pay for each chapter after that. I’m not interested in paying $10aweek to read one book(250+ chapters).
  • Had to leave five stars for points

    By Hereforthedeals
    Started enjoying a book and then bam couldn’t read it n im not spending money
  • Ratings for iCoins

    By Stingers45
    They charge too much for Each Chapter. Buying the books outright is far less expensive.
  • Great stories

    By Btalcott
    I enjoy the stories
  • Good reading app

    By CourtReward$$
    So far seems to be one of the easier apps to deal with and has somewhat realistic rewards
  • Eh

    By TiffaniAnn116
    I honestly don’t like how you can’t u lock bulk chapters at once.. It causes you to have to pay more since you can only pay for each chapter at once.. I didn’t realize that at first and unfortunately am very interested in the story I have started so and I really want to finish it so I’m doing what I can to get free point so I can finish it and be done.
  • They give points for five star review

    By anonymous052122
    Basically if you dont have the money to spend on each chapter, dont get this app
  • Only doing this for points. This app is annoying

    By Let down game
    Only doing this for points.
  • Just for points

    By Skl9389
    I’m just doing it for the points