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  • Way too expensive

    By cherisheachday
    The app is very clunky to use. Can’t even get the rewards. And it is way too expensive to read. No matter how good the regurgitated story may be, and make no mistake it is , it isn’t in any way worth what is being charged. These apps should be ashamed of taking advantage of people in these hard times.
  • Expensive chapter

    By Guchumum
    I like it, but these days, chapters are getting more expensive! You should open more options for free coins or points!
  • Poor

    By fcbiuf
    1. The writing and grammar is poor. 2. The wrong name is used multiple times in the story I was reading. 3. I could have bought a published book for what I paid to read a portion of this book. The plot was great and intriguing. I could have over looked the price if the quality was better or the quality if it wasn’t so expensive. Now I’m just mad that I’ve spent the day reading part of a book I’ll never finish, and I wasted $10.
  • Love the app

    By obeidient seal of approvable
    Love the app but way too expensive
  • Review

    By Consop310
    Today I had charges on my Apple account from Read Writer that were not authorized Would like money back
  • Annoying messages overlaying end of each chapter

    By ladyncats
    At the end of each chapter a message overlays the last paragraph advising it’s taking coins out of your purchase. The chapters are only a few pages each making more coins needed to buy more frequently. The story is good, however I’ve had to interpret some phrases to English in my mind. There are many typos as well. I will be deleting this app when of if I ever finish this book. I may just leave when my coins run out this time, due to frustration! No reply is required!
  • App seems unstable

    By Acandi123
    After spending money to read book, app will not open saying network unavailable BUT every other app is working perfectly. Have tried trouble shooting but nothing. Completely ripped me off.
  • Too much money

    By Mehtensh
    If I pay out for every chapter I read this book will cost 75.00 way too much money like book but will be deleting app chapters are too short makes book drag on and you can’t claim bonus you earn doesn’t work
  • Pregnant again

    By lilpeaks
    I am unable to receive my reward bonuses
  • Earning more coins, chapters cost less

    By readdrr
    I am enjoying this app. I just wish the chapters cost less coins. I hope there is a way you can earn on your coins throughout the day instead of being limited, like video ads, connecting to social media etc.