Bluetooth Inspector

Bluetooth Inspector

By George Garside

  • Category: Developer Tools
  • Release Date: 2020-05-02
  • Current Version: 1.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 12.75 MB
  • Developer: George Garside
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 17.0 or later.
Score: 4.56285
From 1,066 Ratings


Discover nearby Bluetooth peripherals and inspect their services for information and characteristics. • View information and signal strength for all peripherals and devices, updating in real time as you move around. • Get battery level for your own Apple devices — no need to install the app on all your devices. • See model identification broadcast by devices around you, mapping the Apple device identifier to the marketing name. • Extract software and firmware version strings from devices broadcasting this information. • Read any characteristic's value, even for services not well known and are custom to the device being interrogated. • Write characteristic values back to the peripheral as string, numeric or hex (pro). • See a history of the value of a characteristic since the session started, timestamped to when the value changed (pro). • Log found peripherals, services, characteristics and values, and export a .log file of timestamped events for your analysis (pro). • Shortcuts integration with actions for scanning and interrogation, enumerating services and characteristics, and reading values (pro). Get support on Twitter @grgarside or Constant use of Bluetooth connectivity can drain your device's battery. Bluetooth connectivity is only used when this app is in the foreground and up to a few seconds after being backgrounded to safely disconnect from peripherals being interrogated.



  • Glad to give bad

    By StickyTreeSlapp
    I’m glad my good reviewing post didn’t even get posted because you don’t even deserve good reviews I wish I could give no stars like negative stars
  • doesnt work welll and

    By eurocar_lover
    not accurate and cannot see distance, nor can change metric. pretty useless
  • Strange, perhaps unethical but impressive

    By CVDev9
    How is this even legal? How does this work? How is it even legal, ethical? Is it safe to tap 'interrogate'? I do not particuarly like the interface and I am wondering how this is even legal yet still in awe of how amazing it works... Moreover, when i tapped it, it starts showing my laptop as 'connected' to several nearby devices even those that were not mine...
  • BT Inspector

    By BobbyJo1358
    This is a useless app as is … when you pay for the app, you really get nothing …. GPS info is collected but not displayed in Session dump, You cannot rename/customized BT entry, no user document, the developer has no easy way to feedback to him …. Things to add and improve: 1) Allow changing the name of a BT device to indicate what it is (ex: Bill iPhone, John TV, etc) - Store that info so when it seen again, you know. 2) Add the GPS position to each device in the Session dump file 3) Allow blocking or non-display of known BT device(s) (ex: do not display your personal devices, just everybody else, etc) 4) Add link to developer feedback for the app 5) Provide and allow adding a picture for device (ex: if it a phone, use a icon for a phone, if a printer, icon for a printer you can add) 6) Store all this data on phone and cloud where ever so it inly entered once. Thank you
  • Being spied on

    By Help I’ve got a stocker
    This unit works fairly well it would be worth it’s weight in gold if it gave the phone number or the Bluetooths gmail/ emails name aka the owners Name also!!!!
  • I’m a bit confused about this I downloaded

    By Dcvpaul
    Because I felt like have been targeted by someone I use my Bluetooth a lot at home and work my question to the developer is that under the start interrogating named in then the unknown which looks like the device is hooked up to me is it???? Cause I didn’t give permission to these devices I am seeing on my phone can you please answer this question because it looked like they hooked up to my Bluetooth iPhone or am I being paranoid???
  • Amazing app, though having issues with crashes

    By TheMin3s
    This app is amazing, one of the best bluetooth-related apps i've seen on the app store. Though, it crashes very often, on MacOS when viewing a device's details, and on iOS when there's too much nearby devices (usually more than 50.) This makes the application almost unusable. This is on iOS 17.1 (17.1 Beta 1) and MacOS Sonoma (14.1 Beta 1).
  • Something is not right

    By Cobo6542
    Is it normal to have 80 devices shown being in my home
  • No other BLE app comes close

    By Carroll Vance
    Every other BLE app feels half finished / not suitable for anything outside of development. This supports Automation, meaning it supports reading and writing values with voice commands. It’s not even fair how much better that fact alone makes Bluetooth Inspector if you are a maker and want to control any BLE device with your phone.
  • Disappointment

    By CyberTerrorist_
    The app presents a devices UUID but has no idea what a MAC address is. Given that it doesn’t seem to be able to interrogate the devices announced names. It makes it nearly impossible to know exactly what device you’re interrogating. This won’t work for me. Had to delete the app. ☹️