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  • app will ruin episodes

    By BrittBurns
    the ads will play just fine but after that the episode is on a speed run at maybe 30x ruining episodes, movies
  • Too many ads

    By Nicknname123
    There are too many ads
  • Fairly significant issues

    By Orchidconstellation
    So, this app has a lot of my favorite shows but I’m reluctant to keep paying for it. The app crashes A LOT without any signifiers. Another larger issue that specifically applies to my Apple TV is if I want to re-watch an episode, it doesn’t provide an easy “restar” option. The episode starts as the end with the producer logo and I have to furiously click to try and hit the “restart from beginning” before it kicks me back to the episode menu. I often have to do this 4-5 times before it works. Suuuuuuuuper frustrating. There also isn’t an option on the mobile apps to stop auto play for the next episode. Why? Overall, this app is clunky despite coming from a network that can fund way better.
  • Lots of buffering

    By iptv lover
    This service is a mess. Got it to watch Premier League. Lots of buffering. Almost unwatchable. Not my wifi . Have speeds over 300. This service is a mess
  • Restart button??

    By Kiiuu
    When you pause your show or movie and come back later, the first option is to restart the movie instead to continue playing. I’ve restarted countless movies and had to sit through 200 seconds of commercials…again. I’m sure they do this to get more ad rev.
  • So Far So Good

    By GypsyGypsy55
    Large variety of shows to watch. So far I’ve enjoyed it. Way better than watching addictive UTube videos. LoL. I have more personal time now.
  • Language Issues

    By S1000Dave
    After three plus years of only watching English language movies with no subtitles, I get more and more Spanish language commercials. It started out as one here and there but now it’s about 40%. It’s 2024 where everything it tracked and annualized. Why would you waste your money and my time to show me something I don’t understand? Peacock didn’t have an answer. Makes me not want to buy the products shown and I’m ending my subscription for one that stays in the countries official language.
  • Subscription

    By BryanMen10
    Peacock what is up with this app bro I’m trying to watch the Liverpool vs Wolves game it’s my manager Jürgeb Klopps last with us and I’m missing it cause DESPITE HAVING A SUBSCRIPTION ALREADY it will not let me watch the game it says it is locked because I don’t have one, I’ve tried restarting app, uninstalling and reinstalling it, called peacock support and nothing works, when it work it’s good but times like this makes me use streaming services such as ESPN instead because it’s better.
  • Old shows

    By Bored with it.
    Everything is so old! I haven’t found anything that I have not already seen.
  • Paid my subscription, didn't get my stream

    By jonathanscyang
    Subscribed to watch the final match of the English Premier League, took my money, but when I signed in, it didn't recognize my subscription, so I missed the entire game. These guys are cheats and swindlers!