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  • No longer loads audio after last update

    By ValmontR
    Running most recent iOS the app no longer loads audio. This is a crucial function for me.
  • Good novel

    By jenb2066
    I just read that you can read these stories for free...but when I downloaded the app and found the story I was reading where it left said I have to purchase coins to finish reading...the ad is misleading and that's false advertisement...I deleted the app when I realized that it's not free like they say it was on Instagram
  • Stole my money

    By tmm2828
    Goodnovel removed 22 of my books I purchased and refuses to return them or give my money back. They also will no longer reply to my messages. The can closed the conversation without any reply and completely ignoring the fact I’ve given them ove 1,000 for just these books alone.
  • Cost

    By TaoD33
    This app is insanely costly. I have invested my time getting into one book and I will finish it . But I’m definitely deleting this app once done. Price gauging at its best!!!!!
  • Misleading!

    By britneylush
    The app’s ads said I could continue reading the book for free, but that was a lie. After the first 5 chapters it’s $$$ to read. Don’t fall for it.
  • Time Stealer

    By SmolBeanIcey
    There is no reason I should be watching 2 minutes worth of ads for 2 minutes worth of reading. Honestly the ads take longer to watch than the chapter takes to read. If you’re broke and can’t make money, just say that 🥱
  • SCAM

    By Cmarie0830
    awesome stories don’t get me wrong but you sign up for 9.99 a week for a subscription and they still don’t even allow you enough coins to get through a book. You’ll be spending a whole bunch of money to read a dam novel which is Bull****!!!! i was so into the story i caught my self when in two days i was spending 20 bucks!! dont get sucked it’s a scam to get money! you think a subscription would allow you to at least finish a book in a week NOPE
  • expensive

    By mamalovestoreadbooks
    The books are great, but it's very expensive
  • Coins only

    By Ladybugmomma777
    Wish there where more free chapters or ways to “earn” coins - takes forever
  • Married at first sight

    By homesuckls
    This is a good story need some intimate scenes