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  • Just Not Good

    By bharbiee567
    I tried the trial period for this app thinking the books would be at least remotely interesting. But they weren’t. They were lackluster, boring, and felt like I was reading wattpad stories written by kids. I canceled my trial period before they could charge me for it, and they still charged me $60. They will not give me a refund even though I canceled the trial period and had the app deleted before the trial period was even over. Also they don’t make it easy to cancel your trial periods. You have to jump through a lot of hoops to figure it out. Just a bad app, and a waste of money. You can read these same books on another app or website for free if you really wanted to.
  • UI

    By Awesomizer 241
    The UI is beautiful but make it like manga rock where it shows what chapter and volume I’m on, instead of that dumb scroll bar make it where we can press a grid button and see the pages like on manga rock
  • Confusing Subscription Model

    By Omnine
    The app itself is overall fine. Though not as user friendly as it was when it was Manga Rock. The biggest issue with the app is the subscription model. I don’t mind paying for a good service, but the Ink-vs-Coin situation is overly and unnecessarily complicated. Moreover, you don’t get nearly enough for what’s being charged monthly, with odd requirements to check in daily to get the most of your subscription. This needs to be rethought from the ground-up. I’ll be cancelling my sub.
  • It’s so bad it hurts

    By Ur mother is gayyyy
    Horrible translations they us AI generated for some of these
  • Why so expensive

    By opopndikehdksjd
    I like it but the type of manga and manha I like cost something and I don’t like spending on a mobile app
  • Way too expensive

    By Rachel E. I.
    What’s the point of a monthly subscription if you still have to pay for each chapter??? Really dumb and feels like a total scam.
  • Disappointing

    By tjpalma1
    App was once my go to but due to technical issues I’m trying to find something better. I got the membership to make reading easier and less of a hassle but it’s still requiring me to rent a chapter for 24 hours. I don’t want to be limited on enjoyment.
  • Functional, But Concerning Practices

    By sladbar
    In general, Inkr’s speed when navigating the app and loading content has improved markedly. However, there are two big concerns I’ve had with the app: Battery/Phone Temp: Most of the time while reading, the app will rapidly consume battery (2-3% a chapter on iPhone 14, worse on iPhone 12) and the phone will start overheating until the app is closed. This has persisted since at least December and makes me concerned about memory leaks or other unknown background processes. Background Ads: INKR Extra promises no ads, yet I have caught the app playing ads in the background while opening chapters on several occasions. Easy to catch when using headphones or when my phone is not silenced because I’ll suddenly hear cheerful music playing unexpectedly. Why is this happening?
  • Poor execution

    By Thomas Doss
    Great ideas with the ink to read for “free” and a reasonable subscription price and offering. If it worked. The app slows, freezes and crashes fairly often (iPad pro on latest update), sometimes less than a minute after fully rebooting the iPad and launching the app. Many systems are incomplete or non functional like “sales”. The tagline is “100% off” but that just means you can temporarily read the comic, not add those chapters to read later when you have time. On the contrary, 99% off means you can get all the chapters for the comic, permanently, for free or near to it. Is it sad when I want the sales to be LESS discounted? Other failures are simple technical things like chapter downloads for later or offline reading hanging very frequently and requiring staring at the download bars or the ipad will shutoff the screen to save battery. This isn’t hard for the dev to circumvent, my ebook reader does it. On a content note, many titles are dropped but still heavily recommended or promoted. 5 times now I have received a notification or list of recommended titles with a comic marked as “complete” with 20 chapters when the manhua has over 400. Other popular titles are marked as “ongoing” but have received 5 chapters in the last 6 months. Once again, the manhua has hundreds not translated on the INKR app but a quick google and there they are in English.
  • Buggy

    By i dont want a nickname, apple
    Chapters and comments constantly fail to load unless you force close the app to restart it. It’s the most obnoxious thing about the app, especially because half the time when this happens, you can see the chapter load before you get the “loading failed” screen. Something is genuinely wrong with their code but they seem to have no inclination to fix it. Content is… mediocre. Some is good, some is ok, and a lot is very obviously machine translated filler.