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By INKR Global

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2020-10-14
  • Current Version: 2.13.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 149.81 MB
  • Developer: INKR Global
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.
Score: 4.38191
From 2,244 Ratings


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  • Disappointing

    By tjpalma1
    App was once my go to but due to technical issues I’m trying to find something better. I got the membership to make reading easier and less of a hassle but it’s still requiring me to rent a chapter for 24 hours. I don’t want to be limited on enjoyment.
  • Functional, But Concerning Practices

    By sladbar
    In general, Inkr’s speed when navigating the app and loading content has improved markedly. However, there are two big concerns I’ve had with the app: Battery/Phone Temp: Most of the time while reading, the app will rapidly consume battery (2-3% a chapter on iPhone 14, worse on iPhone 12) and the phone will start overheating until the app is closed. This has persisted since at least December and makes me concerned about memory leaks or other unknown background processes. Background Ads: INKR Extra promises no ads, yet I have caught the app playing ads in the background while opening chapters on several occasions. Easy to catch when using headphones or when my phone is not silenced because I’ll suddenly hear cheerful music playing unexpectedly. Why is this happening?
  • Poor execution

    By Thomas Doss
    Great ideas with the ink to read for “free” and a reasonable subscription price and offering. If it worked. The app slows, freezes and crashes fairly often (iPad pro on latest update), sometimes less than a minute after fully rebooting the iPad and launching the app. Many systems are incomplete or non functional like “sales”. The tagline is “100% off” but that just means you can temporarily read the comic, not add those chapters to read later when you have time. On the contrary, 99% off means you can get all the chapters for the comic, permanently, for free or near to it. Is it sad when I want the sales to be LESS discounted? Other failures are simple technical things like chapter downloads for later or offline reading hanging very frequently and requiring staring at the download bars or the ipad will shutoff the screen to save battery. This isn’t hard for the dev to circumvent, my ebook reader does it. On a content note, many titles are dropped but still heavily recommended or promoted. 5 times now I have received a notification or list of recommended titles with a comic marked as “complete” with 20 chapters when the manhua has over 400. Other popular titles are marked as “ongoing” but have received 5 chapters in the last 6 months. Once again, the manhua has hundreds not translated on the INKR app but a quick google and there they are in English.
  • Buggy

    By i dont want a nickname, apple
    Chapters and comments constantly fail to load unless you force close the app to restart it. It’s the most obnoxious thing about the app, especially because half the time when this happens, you can see the chapter load before you get the “loading failed” screen. Something is genuinely wrong with their code but they seem to have no inclination to fix it. Content is… mediocre. Some is good, some is ok, and a lot is very obviously machine translated filler.
  • One major gripe

    By Advent_Child
    *update* I am removing another star and taking it down to a three. The app constantly makes my phone hot and drains my battery extremely quickly now. I gave them multiple updates to see if that would improve but it has not. Don’t get me wrong. I mostly love the app. I love being able to pay a small subscription and get so much to read. Even if the stuff I’m able to read seems to keep getting smaller. But my main problem with the app is that even if you download chapters to read offline yo aren’t able to. Everytime I take a trip I download a few series to read on the plane and such. The app tells me that it can’t load them and it can’t connect to the internet! What’s the point of downloading to read offline if I have to be online to “load” downloaded chapters?!
  • INKR comics has some problems

    By Slayer Wolf 99
    It was working fine until just recently and want to try going it just shows the screens are blank and then we did we did for the updates from the notifications to pop up and it’s still just loading and loading and loading. Can you please fix this bugs
  • One complaint

    By Prbvbfanever
    Drains battery fast
  • Phone gets hot

    By Dedicateddourly
    INKR seems to have expanded a lot lately. I love the content. BUT, for the past couple months, my phone gets really hot when I’m using the app. The battery drains quickly, as well. I can only read for maybe 20 minutes before my phone gets too hot and I have to close the app. One last issue is that sometimes chapters don’t load properly.
  • Technical issues

    By KDramaQueen1
    When it comes to this app I have no complaints about the content or the currency for unlocking chapters. It has become one of my favorite apps to use. My issue is with the technical problems I have been experiencing. I’m not sure why but I frequently get the trouble loading try again screen. This is extremely annoying when binging a series. After hitting try again many, many times it will either load or the app itself will crash. There’s also an issue with screen rotation. I had to lock this function on my phone when using the app because if I accidentally shifted my phone causing the screen to rotate horizontally, after turning it back to a vertical position the app would freeze and then I would have to close and restart it to continue reading. This has been going on since I downloaded the app a few weeks ago. Today it was really giving me a headache so I checked for updates ands there was one so I thought this would solve my problem but unfortunately that’s not the case. I have troubleshooted by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, turning off WiFi and only using cellular data but it hasn’t worked. I hope this issue can get sorted out.
  • One of the better apps

    By Prettygirlmissypthegreat
    I call foul on completing the tasks to get free ink but needing to watch ads anyway to claim the reward. It should be one OR the other. I'll read the 5 chapters, maybe even more then get an ad shoved in my face to collect the ink. Why read it then? Counter productive. I just skim them to the bottom now so the comic doesn't even get the interest from me. Aside from that it's not a terrible app. One of the better ones in terms of content, translation and cost of the ink. I prefer it to Manta, Tapas and Bilibili. MangaToons interface and point/reward system is better though.