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  • Expensive

    By Dfgh23
    Bought $60 worth of credits and it only got me halfway through the book. Another $60 if I want to finish in rapid reading which I like to do. Incredibly expensive. Last book I’ll ever read. You must put at the beginning what it will cost the reader to complete the book.
  • Storyline good but unfinished

    By Raferyder
    So even with subscriptions books are expensive to read if you don’t pick a free one . Then you find out the reason it had grammar errors the writer forgets her characters names and calls them the wrong name in every other sentence. Is because these people just upload their own books unedited or reviewed . I also found out these books aren’t finished all the time either 😡. I would never have started a book the author has not finished yet . Now i am supposed to wait until they upload chapters weekly? I think not for the prices they are asking for to read these books they should at least be real books that are reviewed by an editor and FINISHED!!! I am going back to Kindle books cheaper and finished .
  • Review

    By gmachip
    I might buy these books for a reasonable price but this ridiculous practice of using coins to open each chapter makes the book’s unreasonably expensive.
  • Scam

    By RazelDazel14
    At this rate it is going to cost me $100 to finish the book I started. That is absolutely ridiculous and highway robbery!
  • War God’s favorite

    By Post54
    The book I was reading is pretty good but 7 chapters in, I had to pay to continue. Now 30 chapters in and $20 poorer (it said 34 coins for the next chapter so I bought 2,000 coins with a 500 coin bonus) thinking it would be enough to finish the book. Nope. 23 chapters later, it cost 100 coins for one chapter with 111 chapters left. Do the math. That’s 1,110 coins. I will stick with Kindle.
  • Entertaining stories that are impossible to read

    By Bri7114
    While the stories are entertaining the concept of having to buy or earn coins to read chapters is very frustrating. It’s even more frustrating when you look into buying multiple chapters, buy coins to buy the chapters, then go back to buy the chapters and the cost of the chapters has doubled. It just feels like a rip off and makes you not want to read the stories anymore. I’m used to apps like Galatea, Inkitt, and Wattpad where the stories are truly free or the coins are easier to come by. I even prefer AlphaNovel which simply makes you wait a period of time before getting to read the next chapter.
  • Too expensive

    By jam86tvl
    Stories are too expensive to read. I keep getting drawn to this app because of an ad that pops up on instagram but then read the reviews & it reminds me why I deleted it. I had no problem walking away from stories I was enjoying (despite the many grammatical errors). Sorry small authors. There is a reader app (Galatea) that has annual subscription rate for true unlimited access to stories, other reader apps that, like this one, charges coins but at least they offer 500/$4.99 if I don’t feel like spending $9.99 AND the chapters are a reasonable amount of coins to get through considering some chapters are just a few pages. I’m starting to prefer buying from the author, like 8 books in a bundle for like $35-$50 then use the reader app, BookFunnel. WAY LESS expensive, full books that are well edited, lots of genres. These reader apps need to remember that there are LOTS of them out there & the stories are all similar. If I’m going to spend my time and MONEY they need to be as quality focused as possible, reasonably priced on chapters when books have 300+ teeny chapters versus real books that cost less, are better edited, & already completed. This one is too focused on getting my money for low quality. Small authors may want to consider writing for other apps or publishing themselves for BookFunnel.
  • Bad app

    By dhdvdjdbdb
    Have to pay for every chapter and it just get more expensive with every chapter
  • Coins don’t load but charge

    By All books78
    In app purchases but never received coins. Sent request and was denied. $90 worth.
  • Overly Expensive

    By Emilyann532
    Costs too much for coins. One book cost almost 50 dollars worth of coins.