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  • Another not free app

    By js5itunes
    Works one time then locks up unless you pay.
  • Your software is held hostage; you don’t own your apps

    By Micheal Washboard
    IOS is the land of disappointing propriety software built upon a propriety OS that hates to open its gates to third-party software devs who are not greedy — now this is added to that list. This app tries to bait you by allowing the user to edit ONLY a few files before putting everything behind a pay-wall, holding the software hostage until you pay up for the subscription. Don’t be a sucker and say no to anti-consumer practices. Linux is the land of the free, and has Xed, Gedit, Kate, Tea, Vim, ect as simple text editors in its repos for FREE, and you can pay for the software you want — for “this land was made for you and me”. If you want people to pay for your software, just make it 5-10$ up-front before the download, don’t try to hide by having a “upgrade” subscription for a offline app. Subscriptions are for monthly magazines or to access a online service on some-one else’s server, not for simple office software users run on THEIR OWN OS.
  • Little chance to try without paying

    By LopSae
    The app locks without a subscription right away, so there is very little chance to try it before it becomes unusable. With more time to try it seems to be a great app, but as it stands it is impossible to get a feeling of how the app works.
  • :(

    By -\(:/)
    Can’t even edit, need to pay.
  • I Already Subscribed! Stop Charging My Card with recurring and Surprise Charges Or I’ll Sue!

    By VandVandMaybe
    I only added this app due to the day I needed something to write with concerning an emergency with my job and for some peculiar reason no writing software and not even Google was functioning at the time so I went for this one despite ad stating they charge $0.99 weekly (how bad can that be when they claimed you can cancel anytime, what can go wrong). Boy do I truly deplore downloading this predatory app where it’s clueless to reach the developer/company because despite me canceling the app, it still continue to charge and even charge twice on two separate days where I reported for a refund. I already removed my card prior March 14 and they claimed the subscription end on the 17th so why am I continuing to receive recurring charges and yesterday a charge of $15.98?!?! What is that?!?! I wish the day that my job wasn’t in jeopardy and wished I’ve read the reviews because this is criminal and insane. What’s worst, I’m seeing responses to other apple user complaints, this is so-called developer grants an e-mail claiming they’ll assist, I waste time trying to send my complaint through the same e-mail, I get a message back stating that their e-mail in undeliverable! I refuse to change my credit card all because of this nonsense so I need these charges to stop as well as refund me back all my money or I’ll take those responsible for this app to court!
  • I can’t read previous files

    By O.Yildiz
    It is annoying not to be able to read old files. There is no cancel button, no other choise but upgrade :-((
  • Garbage. Won't allow access to file 2 minutes first use

    By HeliPilot43
    This app was recommended along with a nanny cam, but it will not allow me to even access the first file I tried, only bringing up an upgrade screen for a fee.
  • Amazing app for txt file

    By Kholil.
    Great app to make a text file, it is easy to use flexible great!!!!!
  • Expensive and doesn't save your work

    By G-Mo
    Tried to edit a file on OneDrive. The interface is decent, about as good as the Files app, and it's easy to open a file (once you get past the pressure to subscribe), but when I closed the file you've edited, my edits were gone. File appears unmodified (modification timestamp doesn't change) - it's like I was never there. Then, while trying to refresh the screen and reopen the file, I guess I opened it too many times, so the app will only prompt me to subscribe. I'd prefer a non-subscription price, but can't even get to considering the price when it doesn't save my work.
  • Not free!

    By Bill1287
    Downloaded because I needed a simple editor to edit some .txt files in iCloud Drive. Thought I’d found the solution. But now, every time I open, it forces me to “claim” my “Free” text edit + upgrade. Which is free for 3 days only then a subscription. I don’t want any of the things the “upgrade” gets me (dark mode, removed ads, etc). I’m find with the free version. But the app is now useless, as I can’t edit ANY document without the “claim your (not) free upgrade” coming up again. There’s no “I don’t want that” choice. App is now useless to me unless I agree to a subscription for upgrade features I don’t want. Uninstalled.