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Sofanovel - Novels and Stories

By Digital Rosetta Technology PTE. LTD.

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Sofanovel is one of the best reading App for original English stories and novels. Including romance, werewolf, fan-fiction, mystery, scifi books and more. Download thie stories App now to start reading books and enjoy it. [Why Us] - Numerous of genres for Romance, Werewolf, Love fiction and more - Get recommendation of original stories according to your preferences - Adjust background, fonts and typesetting to have a wonderful reading experience - Save your favorite stories in the library to keep the latest chapters wherever you go [Hot Book Genres] - Fantasy Novel - Adventure Novel - Romance Novel - Horror Novel - Adult Novel - LGBTQ+ Novel Want to know more about Sofanovel, please follow us to stay up-to-date with your favorite stories, writers and readers. Email: Facebook:Sofanovel Twitter:Sofanovel Website:



  • Frustrating App

    By Darlene Piglet
    When I click the icon to open the app it crashes. Normally, it happens at least 4 times before the app will open. Once it opens and I click on a book, it says loading but nothing happens. It spins but never loads the book. Books aren’t loading and app crashes a lot.
  • Rip off

    By Greeneyedladylv65
    Payed 5$ and get 24 chapters! So I’m looking at 20$ for 100 chapters! Not sure how many chapters this book has but I’m not paying anything else until I know what is last chapter. There should b a cap on total cost per title!
  • Good app

    By rsb37
    I wish they would include how often the novel updates or when the novel is expected to update but overall this app is pretty good.
  • don't download this capper

    By Nevereveversayno
    Was suckered into this by an ad in Google saying I can read a full story for free ... You can't. This is just like all the other pay to read apps. I've only found one that lets you read a story for free, as long as you watch a short ad between each chapter....wish this one was like that.
  • I have several reading apps and this is by far the worst one.

    By 大蓝胖次
    Downloaded this app cuz I got sucked into a story on a Facebook ad. I was really enjoying the story but could only read a couple chapters before you need coins to unlock more. You don't even get enough daily coins to unlock one chapter. And your coins disappear. I had 15 coins this morning and when I opened the app later in the day all of my coins were gone. I'm not paying $20+ for a story when I can find similar ones free elsewhere
  • Search not working

    By Dep15
    Wheee is search button
  • Help

    By KayeLaSoul
    I keep trying to access the pro subscription but it keeps taking me somewhere else… do you guys not offer the pro subscription anymore??
  • Would give 0 but can’t

    By sammlku
    Wouldn’t allow me to collect pearls, and when I tried to contact them it would let me send the message. Waste of time and money and they want access to too much info on my phone
  • Expensive

    By jcase1983
    I am reading Fit for Your Love and find the story very interesting. But, Unless you are rich and have money to just throw out, this app is not worth it. I have spent $15 and I’m only at chapter 98. This novel has 300 chapters I think over $45 is a little ridiculous for a novel.
  • Thieves

    By jrwhite1976
    Sofanovel steals work from writers and refuses to pay them. Complete scam.