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Sofanovel - Novels and Stories

By Digital Rosetta Technology PTE. LTD.

Score: 2.5
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Sofanovel is one of the best reading App for original English stories and novels. Including romance, werewolf, fan-fiction, mystery, scifi books and more. Download thie stories App now to start reading books and enjoy it. [Why Us] - Numerous of genres for Romance, Werewolf, Love fiction and more - Get recommendation of original stories according to your preferences - Adjust background, fonts and typesetting to have a wonderful reading experience - Save your favorite stories in the library to keep the latest chapters wherever you go [Hot Book Genres] - Fantasy Novel - Adventure Novel - Romance Novel - Horror Novel - Adult Novel - LGBTQ+ Novel Want to know more about Sofanovel, please follow us to stay up-to-date with your favorite stories, writers and readers. Email: Facebook:Sofanovel Twitter:Sofanovel Website:



  • Can’t read

    By Grov3r33
    Loaded a book and I can’t read it. Half of one page is overlaps on the next and it seems like the page is maybe half missing
  • No way to Log in

    By AriA55
    On the website, you can log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple, but if you use the different methods, it will create a new account for you each time! But for the app, it ONLY has log in options via Facebook, Google, and Apple! Since I opted to log-in using Twitter on their website and that’s the account I used to publish a novel, I have no way of logging into the app at all to access my novel. You also can’s search books up by genre. Back in 2021, their site said they would be going through maintenance, and I thought this would be one of the things they would update. But now it’s 2022 and you still can’t search up genres. You can only search up titles which is inconvenient, because you would have no idea what title to look up if you’re trying to discover a new book.
  • Frustrating App

    By Darlene Piglet
    When I click the icon to open the app it crashes. Normally, it happens at least 4 times before the app will open. Once it opens and I click on a book, it says loading but nothing happens. It spins but never loads the book. Books aren’t loading and app crashes a lot.
  • Rip off

    By Greeneyedladylv65
    Payed 5$ and get 24 chapters! So I’m looking at 20$ for 100 chapters! Not sure how many chapters this book has but I’m not paying anything else until I know what is last chapter. There should b a cap on total cost per title!
  • Good app

    By rsb37
    I wish they would include how often the novel updates or when the novel is expected to update but overall this app is pretty good.
  • don't download this capper

    By Nevereveversayno
    Was suckered into this by an ad in Google saying I can read a full story for free ... You can't. This is just like all the other pay to read apps. I've only found one that lets you read a story for free, as long as you watch a short ad between each chapter....wish this one was like that.
  • I have several reading apps and this is by far the worst one.

    By 大蓝胖次
    Downloaded this app cuz I got sucked into a story on a Facebook ad. I was really enjoying the story but could only read a couple chapters before you need coins to unlock more. You don't even get enough daily coins to unlock one chapter. And your coins disappear. I had 15 coins this morning and when I opened the app later in the day all of my coins were gone. I'm not paying $20+ for a story when I can find similar ones free elsewhere
  • Search not working

    By Dep15
    Wheee is search button
  • Help

    By KayeLaSoul
    I keep trying to access the pro subscription but it keeps taking me somewhere else… do you guys not offer the pro subscription anymore??
  • Would give 0 but can’t

    By sammlku
    Wouldn’t allow me to collect pearls, and when I tried to contact them it would let me send the message. Waste of time and money and they want access to too much info on my phone