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  • Poor customer service. Do not download this Pay to Win

    By Justin Corley
    The developers of this game will rig a ranked event forcing some of the top servers to have duplicate match ups while they have opened and started 3000 + servers of the past few years. When I don’t know about you but for a ranked event you shouldn’t see the same opponent twice to keep things fair and establish who the true top server is. All the developers of this game care about is the pay to win aspect of the game. Milking all the players of their resources and forcing them to consider buying more to stay relevant in the game based on account power. When confronted on the matter their customer service team sends you scripted answers that make you feel like you’re not dealing with a human being, but only that of a robot or AI service. Most of the current players stick around because of their friends they have made within the game. If you have not downloaded this game don’t. It is a trap. RiverGames is only focused on making money. Avoid as many of their games as possible they do not deserve your time. Addressing the issues on the official discord will only piss you off even more. That is where the toxic supporters of the game will try to justify their actions. Some are labeled MOD. While MOD aka moderators should be helpful. There is a handful that act entitled and truly do not care or willing to help you with your concern or issue. If I could turn back time to during COVID when I downloaded this game for entertainment. I would avoid it like the plague.
  • Lame

    By JustF4cts
    Lame game.
  • Crash

    By Dweller182
    Literally my phone will not stop trying to update this app and has caused my phone to crash at least 12 times and I have the iPhone 12

    By ItsSkMf
    Horrible. Awful. 10/10 waste of time and storage space. 0 stars if possible
  • False advertising

    By Kush1997
    It’s like clash of clans, not at all like the ads.

    By bedytejeifsyhehjdid
    Game isn’t really like the ads, I’d say it’s more similar to clash of clans just way worse, you only get to play like how the ads show a very small amount. This really annoyed me and I wish games like this would stop lying in their advertising. I wish I could give a lower rating.
  • Not it

    By CookemCarlos
    The game you’re probably looking for instead of this game is called “last war”
  • Fake advertising but pretty fun

    By ForestLoLLlL
    If you haven’t already caught on. Most games show a different game than the actual game play. This game is like boom beach (if you have ever played) but on a very lower budget and instead of training troops you merge troops to get better. This game is still pretty fun but just don’t get the app if you think that the photo in the description is actual gameplay. I give a 3.5 out of 5
  • John

    By epicman1776
    Nothing like the ads. This game should be removed from the App Store, complete waste of time.
  • Asset flips galore

    By gen lang dang
    Not as advertised, absolute dumpster fire asset flip of a game. Also, extraordinarily pay to win, fake advertisements, the whole nine yards.