Monopoly - Classic Board Game

Monopoly - Classic Board Game

By Marmalade Game Studio

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-12-04
  • Current Version: 1.7.19
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 747.33 MB
  • Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.6672
From 138,709 Ratings


Play Hasbro’s official Monopoly board game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world. Play online or offline on your mobile or tablet. It’s the game you love with no ads! It's the #1 Paid board game in over 100 countries - with 3 Millions Downloads since launch. "Monopoly on mobile includes cross-platform online multiplayer, which means you can open up a lobby, have your friends join your games, and all play together in perfect harmony. Beautiful, right?” Dave Aubrey - PocketGamer This is a fully immersive board game experience with amazing graphics and animations. The whole classic game is available with no ads, so you get the fun of the Monopoly board game without distractions. Invite your friends and family to game night with one of the app stores favourite top paid games. POPULAR FEATURES One of the greatest board games Play the Hasbro classic Monopoly game by yourself, with family and friends or players around the world on your mobile or tablet! Full, ad-free game Play the complete classic game with no pay-to-win or ad pop-ups. Roll the dice and risk it all to become the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board! House rules Put the official Hasbro rule book down and play with your favourite house rules Quick mode Roll the dice, risk it all and get paid - finish the board game faster than ever Single player Play against our challenging AI - no need for family and friends Offline multiplayer Pass a single device between up to 4 players for an offline wifi-free experience Online multiplayer Distance doesn’t interrupt play when you connect with fans around the world or invite friends and family to a private game The Complete Collection Be the top landlord tycoon on new themed boards, exclusive to the mobile game. With 9 boards and 1 more yet to be revealed, no 2 games are the same! Risk it all in the L.A. Monstropolis alternate universe. Be spooked in Transylvania. See the future in New York 2121, or travel back in time to Victorian London, Historic Tokyo, Belle Époque era Paris and 1930s Atlantic City! Unlock new player pieces, properties and chance cards with each theme! HOW TO PLAY Choose your player mode Play this classic Hasbro board game in a variety of online and offline player modes. Put your landlord skills to the test against our challenging AI opponents and be a property tycoon in single player mode. Compete with friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer. Play WiFi-free when you pass & play one device around a group of players. The choice is yours as you buy up the board! Select your rules If you’re one of the many people who have never actually read the rules of Monopoly, you can still play the game exactly how you like! Play without auctions, add cash to Free Parking, or pay $400 for landing directly on GO! Choose to stick to the classic Hasbro rule book, get a fixed selection of the most popular house rules, or customise your rules to suit your own preferences! Choose your piece Choose from the modern and classic player pieces, including: scottie, cat, T-rex, rubber duck, the car, the top hat and the battleship! Enter the board Experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends and becoming the wealthiest landlord tycoon on the board! It’s just as you remember, plus fun animations and an AI banker who’s on everyone’s side! Build your property empire Roll the dice, take investment risks, bid for properties in auctions, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a property tycoon. Play Marmalade Game Studio’s multiplayer games with friends and family wherever you are! Our online games with friends include Clue/Cluedo, The Game of Life, The Game of Life 2 and Battleship.



  • Why is this game suddenly asking for my birthday?

    By SomeGayNerd
    There is absolutely no reason this game needs to know my birthday. I cannot play the game now without providing it. Please fix this defect. Updated: The app is now no longer asking for my birthday. However, the dev has removed the classic board and replaced it with the UK version. The developer seems to be ok with a bait and switch. I bought the original classic version which is now no longer available, unless I pay an ADDITIONAL $4.99 . I won’t buy another app from this developer again.
  • I love the game but its not working since yesterday

    By shelly bree
    Hello is there an issue with the game we can’t seem to play online
  • Fix

    By JDMcasales
    This game is so fixed it’s not even funny I’ve played four games against AI’s and it’s so fix that it’s not even funny bro worst 4 dollars spent of my life
  • What a great way to have fun during the pandemic!

    By arcadereviewer!
    Totally worth the money. I loved playing monopoly with my grandma during covid when she was unable to visit.
  • I love ittttt

    By TellyLoves
    This game is sooooo awesome
  • Xxxxxxxxx

    By lyleblue
    It is a fun game to play.
  • Fun and addicting game, but no leaderboard?

    By Vamp1re
    I purchased the basic version and the bundled version as they were having a huge sale, so I bought both. Glad I did as it’s fun to play different themed boards with different sound effects and settings. The game is super addicting and fun. Finding people online to play is super easy, usually never a problem finding people to play with. I don’t know why they don’t have a leaderboard though, most games do and this one should have one. It would be nice to see the history and where you stack up among the rest of the players. Please add this feature, please! Other than that, buy the game. It’s worth the $3.99. <3 Drac
  • Great game

    By Xdemonx209
    Runs great good mechanics
  • What’s with you TOE PICKERS ?!?!?

    By Bonziegir
    This IS a great game, and it is a lot of FUN! And I applaud you guys seriously, for making the much needed improvements. With that said, it STILL needs improvement. I’m a serious & experienced accomplished Monopoly player, and I found it a bit unnerving when playing AI, it felt rigged in AI’s favor. Let me explain. I had hotels on (3) different color property collections. ALL had hotels…. And yet it took AI (4) times around the board to land on even just ONE of my hotels. Yet… once AI had even houses on his properties, I landed immediately. NOT FAIR you guys. I’m all about fair, and if AI is playing better, fine. But for him to go round and round and round the board and not land on my hotels… not even once. Come on!!! Be FAIR. That’s all I’m saying. No favors. Just FAIR. Good? Good.
  • Rigged games.

    By Doesn't matter ....!.!
    My original review from months ago was removed but I’ve been playing monopoly for months now and since the first moment I’ve played, I noticed it was rigged. I made my review and got a developer response assuring me it wasn’t. I’ll tell you how the game I am currently playing is going and you make the decision for yourself: I control almost all the properties in the game except the light blue set near the start of the game. Those are some of the lowest properties in the game, and I had everything else full of hotels and I had all train stations. I’ve been playing the same game for 2hours and ironically I’m losing. I keep rolling 11s and 12s, (big jumps and double/triple rolls) until I manage to land right back on his property. If I’m not landing on his property (mind you he only has ONE SET and I have 5+), I’m landing on chest to make repairs on property. At my level, that’s draining me hundreds/thousands when I land on it. I wish I was lying when I say I’ve grabbed the property repair card over 5 times alone. No one else the entire game. Just me. This guy either rolls short enough to not touch my property, or high enough to skip it. If not, he goes to jail. I wish I was lying when I say he has landed in jail for over 7 turns (yes I’m counting). And it’s a BOT. It’s not uncommon to play against a bot but I chose the INTERNET/REAL PEOPLE. I know it’s a bot bc if you leave the screen with real players, it continues and skip you, when you play bots, the game stops until you return. I left the game to make this review 20+ minutes ago and the game hasn’t moved further. Why take the joy your fans have from genuine gaming ????? Not only are the rolls rigged but what does it do for you to dirty handedly snatch a game from someone who played correctly and was winning fair and square. I can handle coincidence but 1 player avoiding 85% of the board and hiding in jail for HOURS while I manage to land on his small 5% the entire time and pull the same card each time !!!! This isn’t right !! This isn’t fair !! I wish I could do something about it but unfortunately all I can do is share the message for real gamers to beware and to delete the app. I’m so upset I wasted my money on this rigged game .