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  • Be

    By mehbbbhnko
  • Great app, but please add file search

    By digitalmaster147
    I just want to be able to fuzzy find a file in a repo.
  • Great Learning Tool

    By trashdogBillionaire
    Awesome for those who wants to create
  • Bravo team 👏 please continue to maintain

    By r6by
    This app has been a lifesaver. I’m able to maintain the community side of several more open source projects while on the go. I obviously don’t expect to be able to do all Git operations through a GUI, but for all of those things I need to do with GitHub, this app does the job 👏
  • Review

    By feelfree8
    Full review is requested please
  • Great app overall

    By Pila de ft
    No complaints, I can easily see comments, PRs and interact with peers. Overall, I’ve had a great experience!
  • The app is robust and simple to navigate

    By Mohtab99
    The ease of switching accounts and merging all my PRs without a desktop is amazing…
  • Please support all desktop & browser features!

    By Erick Miller
    There are so many desktop and browser features that are missing or nearly impossible to find. Start with the biggest ones! And even just simple things, like for example: Whenever I go to a new repo, one of the first things I look at is the date of the last commit/update — well this is super simple to see on desktop / browser — but impossible to find in the mobile app. I’d rather just have a web-view! Seriously come on guys. Please make your mobile app more usable. Thanks.
  • can you add latex support to md preview

    By electricdinosaurs
    need latex to render
  • Good app but lacking many features.

    By JVSSU
    There is not particularly wrong with the app but at this point, other than notifications, there isn’t really much reason to use the iOS app over the website. The search on the site is significantly better. The has no apparent way to even view raw files—it doesn’t even let you copy a URL—while the site has all the neat features like git-blame, searching for symbols in and across files. It’d get a 4 or 5 with even some of these features.