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  • Garbage

    By vladimir poplavskiy
    Garbage moving on to another note app. Bought this app at the beginning when it first came out. They then made it free which I didn’t mind but then they released Goodnotes 6 and expect me to pay again for the same app. Good thing apple is working on releasing their own note taking app which looks so much better than this trash.
  • Need help and I cannot get it

    By Customer ?oooooooo
    My app does not sync across all points- wish I could get some understanding. I’ve spent wayyyyyy to much time on this reading all the stuff given but everything is on the same iCloud account but I cannot use this app for business if this doesn’t get resolved. Is there a human to talk to.
  • Okay I get the hype

    By Cutie:s
    First time with an iPad this app helped so much!
  • Paid Twice for this app and now its asking for more, feel ripped off1

    By Use to be ur biggest app fan
    Disappointed when i have placed twice for this app for supposed lifetime use and now its asking i sign up subscription, wshameful what these companies an get away with!
  • Almost Unusably Slow

    By GusRingley
    This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled enough to write a review for an app, and I genuinely believe it deserves the rating I’m giving it. I switched to Goodnotes from Notability with high expectations. I love the aspect of having distinct folders, but the app is just overly complicated and messy. I wish I didn’t have to see all the tabs at the top of my screen, of all the notes I’ve opened in the past. Of course, it should be easy to close them, but the app has EXTREME lag when I close them, to the point it’s almost not worth my time. Clicking on most buttons in the app to open or close folders or notes, move notes, create new notes, etc., often results in a lagtime of several seconds before the action is actually performed. And when it is, it’s extremely choppy, with multiple screens half-displaying and sometimes causing the app to freeze altogether. Sometimes I have issues with lag while I’m writing, but not too often. Also, one major oversight is the fact that right in the middle of the screen, at the top, the button to close notes is placed directly behind the iPad’s button to change views (split view, slide over, etc.) which makes closing tabs extremely annoying when you only have two open. Anyhow, I never experienced any of these issues with Notability, which easily had 20 to 30 times the amount of data (notes) stored in the app. My iPad has plenty of processing power and available storage, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Notability made my life easier, Goodnotes 6 has just made it more frustrating. I am sure that Goodnotes was once a good app, and that someday these issues will get resolved, but as for now, I’m quite dissatisfied, especially for such a premium cost. I’ll be switching back to Notability as soon as I have the time to move all of my files. I hope Goodnotes will take notes (pun intended) and do what they can to improve the app so it’s worth the cost, and more seamless and enjoyable to use.
  • Bricked on latest iPhone update

    By eazyrooster
    The latest update triggers a popup menu asking you to get on a waiting list for their new AI. The popup has an X in the corner to dismiss it, but it doesn’t work. You can’t dismiss it. It effectively bricks the app. Don’t update. Maybe it’s a random glitch, but I would t risk it until a new version is released. I’ve tried rebooting, hard closing, and reinstalling. Nothing fixes it. It’s unusable until they fix or remove the pop up.
  • Must have app

    By TMahal
    This app syncs to all of my devices. It allows me to write and keeps me organized
  • Not conveinent

    By rsmarcoooooo
    I used to think this was a great app as an agenda to keep my schedule organzied. I was able to have my account and agenda linked to both my iPad and iPhone and whenever I made an edit on one (I.e., crossed out an event), it would automatically update to the other device, which was great. I then tried to download the app onto my MacBook, which allowed something to alter the devices altogether. Now, if I edit my agenda on my iPhone, I have to manually edit it onto my iPad as well, and vice versa. It will not go back to its original ways, which is upsetting as this error almost allowed me to miss a shift at work. :(
  • Need to be more clear on subscription choices.

    By Gordo the greatish
    As a paid Goodnotes 5 user, I upgraded to 6 for the use of web access. When it took me to the upgrade page, it didn’t mention that web access was not included on the one time payment feature. I discovered that information in several other places afterwards, but not on the page I went to upgrade from. Now I am at the mercy of Apple to see if they will credit the purchase. This is pretty frustrating.
  • Great! But…

    By nareenka
    This app is great but it tells me I need to update the app. The thing is the app is up to date. There is nothing to update. The “open” button doesn’t show “update” . The reason why I need to so-called update is because I bought the pastel planner for $8.99 but it says that it doesn’t know what item I bought. When I try and click choose for the pastel planner on the side it tells me I need to update the app. When I click update the app it shows the app but in App Store. The app is all up to date. I don’t get why it says update it. Please explain.