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Dreame - Read Best Romance


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  • Release Date: 2018-08-13
  • Current Version: 4.22.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: STARY PTE. LTD.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
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Escape into a world of romance with Dreame! With our vast collection of over 500,000 novels from best-selling authors, you can immerse yourself in a world of endless stories. From Romance to Fantasy, Mystery to Young Adult Fiction, Adventure to Fan-fic, we've got it all! Devour werewolf bestsellers, feel the passion of Alpha, and meet billionaire bosses who may also be Mafia members. Whatever your taste, we've got the perfect book for you. Get ready to binge-read your next favourite book --- download Dreame now! CAPTIVATING NOVELS ON THE GO Finding your next favorite story has never been easier. With our massive collection of novels, you'll never run out of things to read. Whether you're looking for bad-boy romance, forbidden love, forced marriage, age gap relationships, kicking revenge, or boys love, you'll find it all on Dreame. Start exploring our massive web novel library today. QUICK UPDATES Never miss a beat with Dreame's quick updates. Get personalized recommendations and discover new books based on your tastes. Plus, keep track of what you want to read and stay in the loop with your favorite authors' latest releases. EASY AND SIMPLE READING EXPERIENCE Make reading a personalized experience with our app's customization options. Adjust your text size, font type, margins, and text alignment to your liking. Plus, choose between flipping, sliding, or scrolling to turn pages in a way that feels natural to you. And with adjustable brightness and background colors, you can read comfortably anytime, anywhere. READER BENEFITS Get rewarded for your love of reading with our app's reader benefits program. Unlock free reading benefits by checking in every day and completing reading tasks. Join a community of over 100 million users who share your passion for emotional, immersive storytelling and leave your comments at the end of every episode. FOLLOW US Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on your favorite stories, writers, contests, and more! 1. Official Website--->> www.dreame.com 2. FB--->> Dreameofficial 3. INS/Twitter--->> dreamestory 【Membership Description of Auto Subscription Service】 1. Service Name:Big Dreame Bundle 2. Subscription Period:1 week/1 month 3. Subscription Price:$1.99(1 week)/$5.99(1 month) 4. Subscription Benefits: book discounts for subscribers、subscribers can claim 20 bonus every day 5. Buying a monthly subscription service will automatically debit your iTunes account and extend the service period of one month 24 hours before the monthly service expires. 6. If you want to unsubscribe, please open the iOS "Settings" --> enter "iTunes Store and App Store" --> click "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", go to the "Account Settings" page, click "Subscribe" ", choose Big Dreame Bundle to unsubscribe. If you do not unsubscribe at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period, this subscription will be automatically renewed. 7. Service Agreement:https://api.dreame.com/Api/privacy 8. Privacy Agreement:https://api.dreame.com/Api/terms



  • Beware

    By Msalaris
    I have use this platform for 5 years. This past week I was shorted coins from 2 purchases and they refuse to give me what I was shorted.
  • Latest update

    By miriam2214
    With the latest app update, the PayPal payment option was removed. I prefer this payment method. Please bring it back…
  • A few things

    By cupofchait
    1) Overall I love the authors I’ve found on this app and have followed them to multiple platforms and bought their books (for real!) from places like Amazon when they get that far. It’s not all terribly written with poor grammar, there are real gems here!! 2) Like many other reviews have said, it ends up being way too expensive to read a single book sometimes. The developers say it is set up that way so that their authors get fair pay for their work, but let’s be real - it’s only needed because the authors get paid so little for their work on average. How much is Dreame taking that in order to get a fair wage from a single reader that I have to pay $50+ for a single book? Don’t even get me started on the contracts and ideological ownership; would-be Dreame authors - find another way! 3) Most recently - BEWARE - I unfortunately paid for the ‘1 hour of free reading’ (cost was $4.99 USD). I enjoyed my hour of reading but now looking at the chapters I read - they are locked again! So it claims you have unlimited chapter and book unlocks for 1 hour but that’s pretty misleading when the books are locked again outside of that hour. I wasn’t even trying to take advantage, I was just reading a book - and now I can’t go back and review any of it. As if $5 wasn’t too expensive to begin with (I was indulging myself), it’s $5 for chapters I would have to pay for again to read again. F that. (I sent my feedback on this feature in-app also.) Will I keep reading? Yes. I’ve got some authors I’ll follow no matter where they go, even if it’s just here on Dreame. Am I happy about it? Less and less so. Eventually Dreame will push it too far and I’ll mourn the loss of some books I wanted to read when I delete the app and never return. But we’re not there yet.
  • Horrible, waste of time and money!

    By FradianiFreak💕
    It’s become way to difficult to accumulate any coins without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money for not even enough for one book AND the ones you do manage to get expire within days! I like the books and authors but I can’t spend over $40 for half of a book, (that’s with 20% off too🙄) I’d rather go buy actual books🤷🏻‍♀️ Don’t waste your time! Edit: Was going to continue to give this app a chance because I’ve had it for years and it used to be so wonderful. But then just yesterday I had saved/earned enough coins for my next chapter and they literally disappeared before my eyes and when I emailed to try and get them back I was told that apparently I “used them on another chapter” which I knew was a lie because I’d had already unlocked that chapter by accident the week before, so I think this is it and I’m deleting and gonna find a new app🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Don’t bother. To expensive.

    By Auntie Beoch
    I’ve had this app for years. I am going to have to stop reading this app. I don’t mind paying authors to read their work, but the amount of money they want you to pay is ridiculous. Number one, these books aren’t even edited. There’s mistakes misused words and it’s not worth paying $40-$50. I won’t even spend that kind of money, to read a professionals book. It’s ridiculous. And they say oh we have all these things for you to get it cheaper or free. You would spend more time trying to get the coins and bonuses for free. When I first started, getting coins was a lot easier, bonuses were a lot easier and bonuses didn’t expire. Now the whole app is just a waste of time, I am done wasting my money. Added in response to developer: I am sorry, but the amount of money you have to pay is ridiculous. Stories are good, but there were so many mistakes and no one proofread anything. You pay twice if not triple the amount of money, I would pay for somethings from well known authors and buying a hardcopy from Barnes & Noble‘s. Barnes & Noble‘s has expenses to pay for people to run their businesses and all their merchandise and don’t charge the kind of money you are to read your books. It’s called greed. If you have not invested in this app, don’t. if you want to totally free app to read from, and that has really good stories, go to Inkitt.
  • Difficult to navigate

    By TammyG987
    And by difficult, I mean it’s impossible. Can’t get out of a book, can’t find the Home Screen, no idea how to get to my own profile, can’t find the library. Literally every single thing that can take me out of a books pages will only take me places to spend money. So incredibly frustrating to just try to switch to another book you’re reading. Why is it such a horrible app design?
  • Dreame

    By heartstring3191450
    I loved Dreame!! Had it for years, don’t remember how much money I spent over the years to unlock books, but Dreame always re-locked the books I unlocked!!! Money wasted!!!!!!!!
  • Disappointed!!!

    By Warrensgirl
    I have spent way more money on this app than I really should have. I love to go back and read books again. The first time I read some of these books they were not pay to read but now that I am going back to read them again I am required to pay for it. I have supported these authors a great deal financially buying expensive chapters and reading what was already pay to read just to have to go back and pay for a book that I have already read before it was pay to read. On top of all of that, the check in bonuses are very slim and will take you forever to save up to buy a chapter if you can’t afford it at the moment. The bonus coins you get from completing offers are just a slap in the face. The amount of points it takes to purchase bonus coins is unreal. This app used to be my go to but it has become unreasonable financially. I have been apart of this app for about a year and a half or more but am seriously considering deleting it due to the fact that it is becoming a money pit.
  • Chapters previously unlocked become locked.

    By Humble Yoli
    I really enjoy the stories on this app, but too many times with too many stories that I’ve already UNLOCKED WITH COINS, chapters become locked. The reasoning I was given is the author changed their amount of free chapters, so going back to read something means spending coins on a story that were previously completely unlocked. I feel cheated. This is happening so many times that it’s making it not worth it to read the stories. Too bad.
  • Message for the Ad developers

    By Nrearich
    I ended up getting here from an ad on another app. I’m still receiving ads for Dreame, which is great, but I have a problem with the ads. They will have a teaser of a story but then NO CLUE WHAT THE STORY IS! Maybe a small title of the story would be helpful, instead I have to go to google and type in the story from the ad and then figure out what the book is and then maybe find it all online or through Amazon, which then makes me not need to read it through the app. Other than that, the app is fine. I watch the ads to get free chapters. I’m always reading multiple books so it’s no problem for me to wait.