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  • Uncreative and uninspired

    By Me2343464
    Solve easy “puzzles” where you find obvious puzzle answers on walls and tediously run to the nearby puzzles to “solve” them by just recreating the pictures that you just saw. As you do this you can appreciate various white male scientists. Those are the only ones that ever existed right?
  • Garbage

    By barflypro
    Far too esoteric with no context… whoever is rating this highly obviously works for the company. Boring and worthless, don’t waste your money.
  • Lovely game

    By CorLake
    I loved this game. I was stumped a few times but never overly frustrated or annoyed.
  • Incredible Game

    By Maeve Natalie
    I have never written a review for an app before but I had to for this one. It was the most captivating and fun game I have ever played. I recommend it to anyone who loves a good puzzle!
  • Nice

    By Claudia Prieto
    Great game, I would recommend
  • What am I missing?

    By Idontwant12345678
    I highly recco all carton games. Having trouble with this one as it’s so difficult to figure out what to do next. The puzzles are easy-to- medium difficulty, and it’s delightful when I put a few things together to advance. But it takes me as many as 30 taps to try putting one thing with another. 1 item in one room, 1 clue in another and a place to use it in a third place. Cotton games generally are much easier to navigate, so I think I’m missing something. Help?
  • Beyond Good!

    By Gammygamer
    Love all of these games, this one with a little different twist! Although they provide “pen and paper” I used my phone camera. Loved the logic and the clues. My gripe of reviewers is that if they don’t understand the game, it’s a bad review. Pay no attention to any negative reviews, this is a great game!
  • Really great little game

    By MZ2012
    I am not sure why more people aren’t reviewing this neat little Indie game as it is one of the most creative games I have played in a long time. The graphics are interesting and the puzzles clever and not too hard. I would recommend having an extra device to take pictures of the clues rather than trying to draw them out on the sketch pad in the game. It has a good map to keep track of where you are going and I had to use it a lot. Folks with a good spatial memory probably wouldn’t need it as much. If you like games like the Rusty Lake Series or the Amanita games check this one out! Oh and make sure you do the little photo album at the end. Have fun.
  • Way to tedious

    By N pon
    The game looks nice but it’s way too tedious and I don’t have the patience to solve all the puzzles.
  • Tedious

    By Pixelguy63
    This game, which is beautifully drawn, is quite tedious. Every puzzle requires you to go to a different area of the house, sometimes two different areas, to solve it. The problem is the game does not have a “jump to” feature so you will spend most of your time traveling very slowly back-and-forth. It takes most of the fun away and makes it a tedious process.