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  • Doesn’t like Apple Phones

    By JR6123
    The app is okay. It doesn’t like apple phones and I have an IPhone 15. My contacts keep telling me that it shows on their end it doesn’t take iMessages or seems to be a spam phone number. Support told me they are working diligently each day. That’s all they can do.
  • App is junk

    By mrcarl81
    Had it for years and always had problems. Recently found out it automatically turned on a welcome message and when it did that it used my voicemail message. I’ve been missing business calls because of yet another bug. This app is trash and I’m actively looking for another one right now.
  • Poor Option

    By Fastermtb
    I have been nothing but unimpressed with this app. I needed a number to use for business while waiting on my new office phone. I have not been able to answer calls from customers and my customers caller id is telling them I am from a place far away from where I am. Trying to reach their customer service has been a dead end. I canceled my subscription through iOS. I had paid for the service up to May 21 but was evidently cancelled today, May 15th, without a refund.
  • Must have for small businesses!

    By Fernoffern
    After a month of research and trying to figure out which phone service to get for my handyman business this one is a no brainer! Super fast and easy to enroll and set up. No contract needed and at one of the most affordable prices. Can easily add a line if your team expands. Has all the essentials you’ll need to start and run a business, can’t recommend this service enough.
  • Never register

    By martagbril
    Never register alway say my ceñ phone is invalid, contact support and ask me to try again. Did not work. Erase and keep looking for the right one.
  • After several years of use, do not recommend

    By powdereddonut1
    This app seemed like a great option as my business line attached to my cell phone. However, over 2+ years of use it has turned out to be time-consuming and has caused some customer service issues in my business. I’ve had to delete and re-download it many times to repair errors, I re-download it almost monthly to fix issues and reset the app. It’s had many significant glitches, including: not allowing me to answer a call, sending customer calls straight to voicemail without ringing during our business hours, playing my personal voicemail instead of my business voicemail, randomly deleting my recorded business greetings and replacing them with a robotic/AI answering voice that does not provide any information about my business. Glitches where I could not send texts, and where I did not receive texts or calls for 1-2 business days. Sometimes when you save a new contact it saves with a nonsense name you did not write, or writes the name double in your contact list and you have to go in and edit the contact. For example, saving “Andrea Sloane” as “AndreaAndrea SloaneShower.” I have fully tried this app for more than 2 years and I have seen everything it can do, along with all of the ways it has errors. I am continuing with it because all my contacts and my phone and text records are in it, but I cannot recommend that others use this app.
  • Not good

    By Vannrx
    No option for conference call
  • Fantastic app

    By Redyns019
    Easy to use, works really well no bugs, love the simple customization options.
  • Love it

    By AppleBlaque
    This company is awesome, definitely handles all of my business needs and gets the job done in every way. Try it you won’t be disappointed!
  • Great work!

    By DigitalNomadSF
    I appreciate the updates. Keep it up!