Titan Throne

Titan Throne

By Hong Kong Ke Mo software Co., Limited

Score: 4.49293
From 2,191 Ratings


Grow, conquer, and claim the Throne! Write YOUR heroic epic as an Orc, Elf, Undead, or Human in this new evolution of fantasy and RTS. Lead your Heroes with savage might or dazzling magic. Kit them out with upgradeable spells, troops, and gear. Ally with players around the world for endless territory wars, throne battles, exploration, and expansion in your own never-ending story. BUILD YOUR WORLD - Choose Human, Elf, Orc, or Undead: Each race has its own strategies and stunning 3D castle! - Upgrade dozens of unique buildings, research projects, and new mystic Spells. - Fight and chat with alliances of real-world players! Design your banner, declare your creed, and build your empire together. RECRUIT - Collect crazy powerful Heroes from EVERY background! From Joan, the righteous Human rebel, to Bloody Mary, the bloodthirsty Undead queen. - Customize your army with 50+ troops, from common infantry to legendary dragons. Switch up your formation and upgrade Hero, Troops, Gear, and Spells completely separately! STAKE YOUR CLAIM - Race to take new lands before your enemies! Control resources to control the realm. - Change the world! Your opponents are REAL players with wile and ambition. Launch massive group attacks, defend allies in real-time, negotiate treaties, or stab them in the back. STRATEGIZE & CONQUER - Swoop to join your ally’s sneak-attack. Trap your enemy with last-minute reinforcements. Real-time battles need team work and instinct! - YOU control timing and targeting to cast explosive Spells and trigger massive combos. - Strategy beats all. With the right combos and timing, David beats Goliath every time. Your legend begins now! Connect with us on Facebook: https:// facebook.com/TitanThrone/



  • Good

    By soheill2244
    Very good
  • Bring the game back.

    By M&M101010
    1 Star has not made a update to game or a new server in a year. Restart this fantastic game.
  • Game Broken

    By Manditin
    This game is broken. Camel shut down their ticket support page as well. Used to be a great game. If i could give it no stars i would. Apple should take action on them.
  • Good game, terrible support

    By The real 'Baldour'
    If I could give the game a zero then I would. After playing the game for two years, and spending quite a bit to build it, a game glitch caused me to loose access to the account. After waiting for two months and sending multiple in-game messages and emails to support, I’ve given up trying to regain access to the account. Don’t download this game.
  • Titan Throne

    By missy459100
    Wow!!! This game probably out beats any game I have played, this game is easy to play it doesn’t require u to pull a lot of money out of your pockets like the other games they don’t rake ur eyeballs out you already get a lot of rss, as well as other gifts from killing monsters, doing different kinds of adventures please do not change this game. Well maybe 1 things would be helpful I think you guys should make steel alittle bit easier to get it stops some of the enhancements. But other then that this is a great game. Keep it coming very addicting..
  • Look at more recent reviews

    By FiscalBasilisk
    A lot of the older reviews are positive, but if you look at the newer they are all negative. This is because the game has been abandoned by the devs, and has become unplayable. You can only do well if you're in one of the top guilds, and the people in the top guilds are incredibly unfriendly. Otherwise it's constantly getting killed by people 10x your level.
  • Do not trust Camel games

    By PayToWinHero
    A lot of hype around this game a year ago. Multiple timely updates. New realms opening frequently. Promises made for continued development - even within the game portions say “coming soon”. A game that had 70 realms is now down to under 10 after multiple mergers. No game updates AT ALL in a year. Most have left the game out of frustration with Camel and highly unbalanced hero’s that time and money invested has been a complete waste as they stopped rebalancing and updating. This has left the game with a few Alpha hero’s that people were lucky enough to have selected over a year ago when development was active. Camel is very lucky they are not held to U.S. ethical business standards. I’d recommend staying away from this game and any other Camel game. I have no idea how this game is still 4.5 stars - don’t trust the overall rating as they are old reviews for a great game that had potential. This game is a 0 out of 5 now and I wish I could get my money back - as do literally 100’s of other players.
  • Abandoned game

    By Tulvladre
    Camel has abandoned this game. Over 8 months since the last update. 6ish months since the last new realm. The heroes remain unbalanced. The arena system is broken. It doesn’t allow you to cast spells, or constantly makes you reload into the match preventing you from casting spells. Camel has spent the last 8 months updating their other games, and have even pitches rights to another game, which they are already updating and releasing new realms on. This was a fantastic game that camel left to die.
  • Avoid this game.

    By refundzzzz12
    If I could put 0 out of 5 I would. It doesn’t even deserve a 1 star. Absolutely the most trash customer service. You will always get the same generic answer. “Thank you for your feed back we will forward to the development team” knowing they aren’t going to do anything about it. Constant lag or glitches that cause you to not be able to play the game. No refunds of rewards that are lost when glitches occur. Avoid at all costs. Nothing but wallet warriors. Expect to spend loads of money to keep up with the wallet spenders. Camel games only concern is to keep putting out different buyable packs every week than to give you more quality content. Camel literally took content from wao and put it in this game. Camel was so lazy. Camel didn’t even change the name in the update from wao to titan throne. Camel as a game developer is only after your money. Camel prolonged the game by putting updates in that slow your growth or make it were you have to wait weeks to months to build up enough of either blood or hero cards to enhance. Which is sad because this game has such potential but in the hands of camel it will die out.
  • Matchmaking battles are broken buggy

    By Natepdc17
    Not a lot of fair battles. Constantly fighting people I have zero chance of beating or defending against. Arena battles are pathetic with matchmaking against players 2-4x your power. No chance of winning.