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  • Love it

    By bobbybobobjr
    I actually got super attracted to my child and I loved the game style
  • idk.

    By Candycanelabe
    My baby i miss her so much i cant help my emotions my baby idk what to do without my baby girl whyd they do what they did im never going to be the same I love you sweetheart..
  • wow…

    By harrystyles05
    it’s very heart breaking to see this kid go through so much just for their origin and to think this actually happened to kids that couldn’t help it. If you haven’t played this game yet you should definitely try it out.
  • Beautiful, heart-wrenching game

    By Lindsey27456
    This game is just absolutely beautiful. The art, storytelling, and dialogue options will grab your heart, hold it hostage, and shatter it. It's a must-play.
  • Very good game

    By Odo_Lorde
    This was an amazing game. I felt all sorts of emotion during this game and it made me cry in the end and I truly enjoyed every second of playing this game
  • Amazing.

    By Ash_is_a_asshole
    I originally thought this game was gonna be a total waste of money as many things on the app store but I was proven wrong. This game is so heart touching and it's great how it spreads awareness about Lebensborn. I never even knew about it before, and this game taught me many things. It's so sad that the kid gets bullied just because of his father, and that he won't even get to see his father. I'm glad that at the end we got away from the town where he was getting bullied instead of something terrible happening to him. Truly amazing
  • literally cried.

    By Katie ❤️❤️
    This game was something I had never seen before and I wish I could play it for the first time all over again. It was so eye opening and heartwarming but also incredibly sad. It’s so worth all the money, it’s so life changing. I think everyone needs to play this game atleast once in their life.
  • worth the play.

    By shinskiss
    this game broke my heart the first time I played was when it was popular on tiktok, it is 100% worth the money. I grew an emotional attachment to my kid and it broke my heart seeing them grow through everything, I love this game.
  • Really sad good game

    By Personthatisreal
    It was really good and wonderfully done. I didn’t know it was that good until I finished i was totally hooked on this game and it was super good quality. It was beautifully written and detailed.
  • Okayyy

    By dogliver😍😍😍😍
    I’ve honestly gotten so attached to Karin and i love her like my own child (i’m 15 with family issues) but please give me more than two times per section of day. i need to feed her and wash her and do something to make her feel loved that three things that cost time and i need more times please