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  • Not consistent

    By Curlyhead_.babiilea
    I love the app but the story updates are not consistent I had to wait a month for 1 episode of one of the stories I was reading and most just stop updating all together so you never know what happens next
  • More tickets

    By Nova&Muffin
    Great overall but I feel like it would be better if there was a way to earn tickets and gems and if not, get more of them daily!
  • I absolutely love this app BUT

    By Tattoodangel84
    Normally I’d give this 5 stars the stories on here are amazing BUT when do you get new ones I haven’t had a new one in months I’ve read all of them minus just like 4 because I couldn’t get into them but I feel like it’s been abandoned makes me sad because I do love it so much .. some of the best stories I’ve ever read here ….
  • Stories stop updating!!!!!

    By Sheshallnotbenamed45
    I love the app I was very excited about reading the different stories on Lure it’s overall should really be 5 stars. I gave it a 4 star because just sometime last year I hardly be on the Lure app because the stories stop updating and I was tired of rereading the stories over again. I check every 2 to 4 weeks to see if the stories will every update they hasn’t in which I was thinking the authors might have stop completely writing. Lure has became real life television when certain writers just out the blew cancel tv shows which has had very good ratings and leave us on cliff hangars wondering if we ever going to know what happened. I have over 8,000 gems just waiting on the stories to update yall need to put in some work honestly.
  • Stories

    By Shooter 180
    I really don’t like waiting for the stories to update I been waiting months for all of them to update. It’s awful
  • Could be great…..but

    By Aubie 10
    YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR STORIES! There isn’t a lot of stories to choose from to begin with so when you don’t update in a timely manner it makes even less to read and disappoints your readers. That should be a priority or you will loose your readers. I for one have spent a bit on this app and I am at a standstill with several books for months waiting for updates. Very frustrating and disappointing.
  • Lure

    By YungNiyah12
    I love the stories on lure
  • I love the stories but have some flaws

    By kitkatp2021
    Keeps me on my toes. But Stories take a long time to update though. Like are there no more new stories?? Been waiting months for something. Should I stop wasting my time
  • Give it a shot

    By Chrissy1144678
    It’s an amazing app but it just needs more ways then the wait 4 hours for grams and a ticket add some video we can watch or games we can play
  • Good app BUT….

    By chel219
    It needs to start releasing new books again I can’t even remember the last new book they posted it’s kind of frustrating! That’s the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five