Inspect Browser

Inspect Browser

By Parallax Dynamics Inc.

  • Category: Developer Tools
  • Release Date: 2017-02-09
  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 7.95 MB
  • Developer: Parallax Dynamics Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 14.0 or later.
Score: 4.33333
From 105 Ratings


Web development tools for iOS. Inspect is a web inspector for iOS that provides desktop-class developer tools, right in the app. No need for remote debugging, connecting to a desktop, proxies, or remote systems. Included are: - JavaScript console. - HTML element inspection and editing (with live preview). - CSS inspection and editing (with live preview). - View element details: CSS rules, JavaScript properties, dimension statistics, and more. - Open files and folders from other apps (like Working Copy), or from iCloud to test locally. - Network panel, displaying page headers and XHR requests. - Responsive design tools: View your site with a variety of mobile and desktop sizes and orientations, including support for custom sizes and user agents. - Cookies, local storage, and session storage inspector and editor. - Resource graph. - View raw page source. - Control over browser operation: disable JavaScript, cache, and clear cache and cookies to test various operations and states. - Save a screenshot of your site, including the ability to save the full page.



  • Update Element button is broken

    By brooklynjay01432
    Update Element button is broken
  • Works now

    By brke top
    Uninstalled and reinstalled works now
  • Good for simpler sites

    By Dkong808
    Doesn’t really work on more complex sites
  • Great on iPad

    By mmermaid
    I find Inspect is great on iPad. On iPhone Xs it doesn’t work since when I try to paste or type in the url field the keyboard comes up and pushes the content up covering the url field. Super frustrating. If this is fixed, it’s a five star iOS app.
  • Puts the Pro in iPad Pro

    By scottaw66
    This is an indispensable app for web development using the iPad. There are a handful of developers who care about power users on the iPad, and the developer of Inspect Browser is one of them. I love the developer features and how much is revealed in them. It’s very close to desktop level browser developer tools. I can’t imagine there’s a ton of money in developer focused iPadOS apps, but I hope it’s worth the time and effort of ongoing development. Losing this one would really hurt. I have two improvement requests: 1) I wish the console pane would show errors like resources not loading, etc, which it doesn’t seem to, and 2) I would like to see file sizes in either network or resources or both. Recently I was doing image optimization and I needed to be able to see which size images the browser was pulling down and how many kb those were.
  • Please fix for iPhone 4 inch

    By Ali.Hashemi
    The menu bar issues while keyboard popup.
  • Nice app, but missing a few features.

    By lotsoflatency
    Great app. It’s nice to have some form of web inspector on the iPad. I’m rating 3*, as it is missing a few common features. You don’t have the ability to “pretty print” JavaScript. I’d love to have a de-minifiy and de-obfuscate, using source maps (if available). I couldn’t find a way to set breakpoints or use step-by-step debugging. It’s great I can see the source code, but from a dev point of view, I can’t really edit JS on the fly. The Storage option is limited to cookies. I’d love to inspect Session, Local Storage, it doesn’t seem to show anything though. Having some insight to memory usage would be awesome.
  • This app is exactly what I have been looking for.

    By Lottery lover
    I will be giving a more thorough review at a later time but I wanted to immediately provide a comment here to express my views on this app. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Needless to say, an iPad will not replace a laptop/desktop when it comes to web development but man does this app provide me the extra bit of convenience I need to view a page source, execute functions from within the console, and jam out a bit of css here and there on existing or new elements! There are times when I cannot be whipping out a laptop just to do these little bit of “testing and poking” and I have always been bummed that such an app like this did not exist (or so I thought). To the developer(s): Please implement a way for me to obtain a selector for a chosen element, similar to how in Google Chrome we can right click > copy > copy selector (or JavaScript path). Also, can you provide me a way to view the “Elements and console” in the same panel? Your app is already a 5 star app, I love it. If you could implement the above two things, then this would really be more than I could have hoped on an iPad (without using Jump, Chrome RDT, MS RDT to connect to my desktop). Thank you so much for coming up with this app. I do hope you find this review helpful.
  • Not quite there.

    By LeeshaH84
    Purchased this app to debug an issue for work that only happens on a physical iPad. Safari doesn’t show elements after a recent update so it was my hope I could use this. The tap to select does literally nothing but highlight the element. It doesn’t show where the element is in the dom, or give me any way to debug which is exactly what I needed it for. Complete waste of money. This is a work site so I can’t send it to the developers to find out what the issue is. Is there some trick to getting all elements to display?
  • Doesn't show all the headers

    By benbenwilde
    Why don't you just show all the headers. Tons were omitted, including some that I needed. lame.