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  • Not dependable

    The app crashes a lot, automatically signs me out unexpectedly, missing calls and texts
  • raising price by 30%

    By Paxjava
    The app in the service isn’t 30% better. It’s not even one percent better. It’s exactly the same and it was hardly worth $10 a month. Raising it to $13 a month just because you can means I am canceling the service. This app has always been wonky and I’ve often thought of dropping it anyway now you just made up my mind for me by raising the price.
  • Having trouble with SMS

    By CheloooM
    I’ve had this App for almost a year. No issues or inconveniences until recently. Since the beginning of February I have not been able to send or receive SMS. I’ve read certain articles about having to register my Toll-free number or business in order to be able to send/receive SMS. Developer please assist me or guide me in this matter!
  • Abandoned product. Glitchy app. Unreliable.

    By Pintxo Sauce ®
    Don’t bother with this app. They abandoned it. Didn’t work two years ago and still has major glitches. Can’t even replace the greeting in the app. Godaddy is winging it too, without a support team for this app.
  • Not practical

    By Alex282892738
    When getting a call, you don’t see the number that is calling you. You just see “SmartLine Call” where the caller ID is supposed to be. Secondly, the app doesn’t give you any notification of texts or voicemail (these settings are turned on when I check my settings for the app). I’d recommend using a better app for your business line
  • Seems sketchy

    By awakenwp
    Downloaded this app and when I attempted to create an account it told me that this is now a different app called Conversations and the only option was to down load that app. So whatever this was that I just downloaded I can’t do anything with at all. Moving on…
  • This is a Terrible Business line App

    Terrible call app the app constantly glitches and they switched over to a new app and told me that my business number couldn’t be switched over
  • Beyond Frustrated

    By Chuck3271
    It’s unimaginable how this app can’t do the basics correctly. I’m on the latest iOS and have had issues for several months. SMS and call tracking is near impossible due to both messages and numbers being mixed up. When I click on a preview message, a completely different message traffic and number show up.
  • account recovery time.

    By catdawg187
    i got a new phone and it’s been 4 days now and i’m still locked out of my account that i use for my business. missing multiple calls everyday. a new faster better system need to be put in place to recover the accounts. not very happy with this whole system anymore.
  • Disaster

    By Princealidababa
    I’m loosing business every day as I’m not getting calls and still bring charged $9.99 mo I called Johnny on support and he said after 30 min godaddy no longer provides support for smartline and maybe I should search google for answers and download conversations app. I am requesting full refund and support