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  • Cancel

    By mybiymasin
    I need to cancel this website.
  • Confusing payment terms

    By 2lvbyquilts
    This was recommended to me as a good utility feature. Yet for Apple devices of only iPhone and iPad, it looks like each is separately a payment from iTunes account. Yet one of the features says download and up to 3 devices covered in a payment by credit card in separate email. So this app may not be the real virus protection product you want. The person who recommended it does not have Apple products but has had great success on their phones, mini pads and laptop computer and did a direct download from site instead of an app.
  • Lacks efficiency

    By pijjfirbjorcmidcn
    The wheels are spinning, but
  • Total Av keeps turning off on my I phone

    By He stage4
    I would like to know how to stop it from turning off otherwise I am pleased with your service so far
  • Can’t make it work

    By 2 him 3
    I don’t know this is supposed to work
  • Cancel app

    By Dee-grand
    Cant find place to do such but charge $9.99 when in previous time 1.99

    By kkmilam
    I definitely have something to say. I signed up in the wee hours of last night or this morning. I have received 17 vote calls today and anonymous calls spam calls unknown calls. I am on a no call list a no call registry. Yet I give you my phone number and I start getting calls out the Wazoo. you are the only people I have given my number two in months. I don’t get calls like this, but I do today and you are the only people I have given that number too. I’m very disappointed in y’all because you sold my information to somebody.
  • New

    By jazz doc
    Having just gotten Total AV, I’m just now setting it up. So, it’s really to soon to evaluate it.
  • Can’t cancel subscription?!

    By spants3
    I’ve trued every way the app says you can cancel through the app and it’s not possible for me. When I look for my active subscriptions it is not listed in my iTunes section or anywhere else on phone for that matter. I tried emailing the company to tell them but no luck! They don’t even have the courtesy to respond but they are there because the next month your taking my payment again. This is a SCAM! Cancel my subscription and refund my money please I feel like you are thieves hiding. Respectfully, Nicole Rubino I
  • Too many charges

    By Rhoda LeeAnne
    I’ve been charged for this for about 5 months and I have only started using it the last few days…I might be doing something wrong but I doubt it and the VPN keeps shutting off and I am unable to get all of the stuff to work properly or be much help at all