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  • Not anymore

    By Donewit Snkrs
    I purchased all of my cameras and the DVR from Zmodo years back and had no issue. My DVR functions but does not record anymore and their customer service is nonexistent at this point. The only reason I can see why that would be is because they’re trying to force me to subscribe to their cloud service which I will not. They used to actually have representatives that could assist you, but they’ve gone the way of every company that doesn’t give a care about their customers. Needless to say, I will be purchasing an entire new system from another manufacturer, and Zmodo can kiss my … well, you know. Steer clear and find a reputable company.
  • iPad has issues

    By User00089
    Needs serious work for iPad version. Live view button isn’t always visible. Most disappointing though is getting a new m2 iPad Air with wider screen and thinking my camera display will no longer be squished to 4:3 aspect ratio only to find out the app just adds black bars! Please fix this. I pay a lot per month for multiple cameras and this issue along with others is making me seriously consider switching providers.
  • Software is unreliable

    By Danno210
    As of the last 6 weeks, all notifications I get will say NO FOOTAGE AVAILABLE DURING THIS TIME even though the graph shows many instances of stored events - they all say nothing avbl during this time, even when clicking the notification itself and the app taking me directly to it. It’s ok when it works, and is good at differentiating cars from animals and people USUALLY but not always, but the software is more of an unreliable hassle than it should be. I have another camera from a competitor and their software is more reliable but it tracks everything as an alert and doesn’t notify you if it’s people, animals, or vehicles. But aside from that annoyance, the event review console works great on their’s. I want Zmodo to be better but it seems to be worsening instead of improving. Both my app and my iOS are always updated to current versions.
  • Connectivity

    By Suggaa ma
    Honestly, this app is good at notifying you, but once you click on the video.. it will not load. You have to go back & tap it again for it to load. Been having this camera for quite some time (which is good because the cameras last) but this app itself needs a lot of work. I paid for a whole year but then realized that paying was just not worth for what you’re getting. Work on the app, fix it and then maybe this app would get more than 4 stars, but for now; 2 stars will do.
  • App Development Has Suffered

    By retanicus
    I have not used this service in a few years, I came back to reactivate the service and the cameras, and I have noticed now that the application is far less stable and reliable than it used to be. There are a lot of times that the cameras do not motion, or the app refuses to playback the cameras and motion making the app basically useless for any sort of emergency. Of the seven motion detections I received this morning, only one was actually viewable. The rest were either corrupt, or just not playable by the app for some reason. Liked Zmodo back in the day, but I don’t think they’re going to survive.
  • trashcan

    By Yamin !
    same plan already exists ? same plan already exists ?? same plan already exists ??? this flagrant app makes me pay extra to view recordings and when i try to renew my subscription it wont even let me. i'm about to send this camera into the solar system.
  • Going down

    By kasget
    This camera was good. Now it's not capturing motion at the right time or even at all sometimes and if I do hit the alert it jumps almost a min up so you can't see the alert unless you play back the camera. Might have to toss em. Also the prices going up is pure trash cause the quality went down real bad. I've had these for about 8 years. Lower the price abs offer bundle deals like before!!!
  • Glitchy

    By Gennavive
    When you try to go to a certain time frame it skips to a different time, this is only one annoying this I can list but there’s plenty more. It’ll also not show me a clip from a certain time, it won’t be on the time frame not even in a colored section.
  • Overall not bad but could be better

    By Hp2HP
    I subscribe to about 5 of mine but every so often they won’t show the recording bc it’s off like 10-14 seconds and you have to try and back up to see video.
  • Suxks

    By Johnbrierview
    Do not get these cameras. If you lose your password, you’ll never be able to sign in again or change your password. It won’t even let you pull your keyboard up to type in the password box.